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1: Markun's mess thread (7)  
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1 : 7   Markun's mess thread

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1 : Markun : ID:scgboaKg

After using this site for a while, I thought I'd be fair for me to create some thread, in order to introduce myself. So, greetings everyone! Glad to meet you all, and to see this site still around.
I am me, Markun. A hobbyist messy artist, who likes to draw in my spare time, mostly ending up drawing size content. Have created an account here to share any of my new giantess works, that'll happen to draw... At least any good enough to be shared.
I'm a quite of a Touhou (and Cookie☆) fan, and always enjoyed seeing Touhou chars at gigantic size, therefore I'd be rather creating only Touhou giantess works, with some Cookie☆ one ocassionaly.

This thread will leave as a way to not only introduce myself, but as to leave you all some way to comment my works, or contact me (or request, but likely will get too lazy).
No worries about using poor English, or Japanese, I don't mind.


3 : 名無しさん : ID:amOnphp.
Thank you for that, I appreciate it~

And about the Futo, surely is a nice idea. Could try to once draw it (since rather will do few drawings I got on my to do list first). Only may also do the giantess alt version, since quite prefer more of giantess than shrink.
But as a fun fact: got on my drive drawing of such exact scenario, just of course not drawn by me. Just dunno how to attach images here lol.

Edit: mistook Email section with username one. dummy me

4 : 名無しさん : ID:AHk9l5UQ
How about a pixiv message?

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to attach it either!

5 : 名無しさん : ID:AHk9l5UQ
I just sent a message to pixiv!

6 : Markun : ID:Ed1ucwTI
Sweet, sent it too. xoxo

7 : 名無しさん : ID:8iWhBrj6
Image verified.
Thank you!

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