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1: Hello there~* (21)  
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1 : 21   Hello there~*

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1 : Nut_kun : ID:.JQj7NbM
Hi, welcome to the Magic Hat's inside.

Feel free to leave any comment but please comment in english because
I can only read english.

Suggestion is allowed, but use a very simple words and soft
as much as you can. Notes that my computer is not that good,
so I can't use many effects at the same time.

17 : Nut_kun : ID:71xDIOaI

Glad to hear that you like it.
I will keep learning then!

18 : RubyGlow : ID:sY3Bc6Cw
Wow! I had faith in you :) Such an awesome perspertive! You`ve done very well ^_^ Keep it up for the good works ;)
I`m just glad neither you did it, but the pictures itsefl... Awesome!

19 : Nut_kun : ID:.PWKTOGs

Thank you! I finally be able to edit the feet in the end!


Look like I screw up the camera in the 5th AliceMarisa Picture
and as the result Alice looks like she is bigger than her house.


20 : 名無しさん : ID:jfaCgOJc
Hmm, where can I get tickets to Miko island?

21 : 名無しさん : ID:IB.7zf4.
A mischievously cute and sexy Nazurin has appeared~♪
Nazurin's massive creamy thighs, and striped panties are a precious sight to behold.
I would love to see more of her in the future.

It's a shame about your computer's limitations, it would be awesome if you could someday do HQ videos using her.

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