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Aboot me
Hi, I am me. Some Central European messy artist, who's been drawing since 2017, and who's since 2021 happened to improve on more.
I draw in GIMP 2.8.10, with use of Wacom One S tablet from 2016.
This stash here is where I'll be firstly posting all of works, including smaller messier ones. Pretty much only drawing Touhou giantess content. At most rarely some Cookie☆ one too. Seems very rarely.

日本語は話せません (ごめん)

Artwork sharing (and more)
Pixiv: htts://
Twitter: why would I

Deskord: marky4733
QQ: 2672357178

Commisions & Donations
Paid requests available on my Pixiv account: htts:// Payment in JPY.
Other requests, art trades.. well, yeah, suppose available too, on anywhere you may contact me: matrix, daskord, QQ, pixiv messages, my thread here, etc.
Ko-fi commisions and donations.. technically in EUR available, in USD less, but practically.. not
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No. FileName Title Size Folder DL Modified Date Genre Restriction
1 takane_feety_cardy.png Takane looming her sole over protags 1427 kB th 102 2024-07-13 GW sw  
2 rumia_crunchy.png Rumia feasting up on vehicles   131 kB th 28 2024-07-13 GW V
3 giant_cock_kutaka.png Giant cock Kutaka pun   225 kB th 36 2024-07-13 GW P
4 youmu_bare_bum.png Youmu with bare bum by city 94 kB th 36 2024-07-13 GW  
5 Mai_Yuki_trap_undie.png Mai about to trap Yuki between her feet (undie ver) 2026 kB th 77 2024-07-13 GW sw  
6 Mai_Yuki_trap_no_undie.png Mai about to trap Yuki between her feet (no undie ver)   2026 kB th 41 2024-07-13 GW sw L
7 suwako_near_protags.png Suwako hovering socked feet over protags 51 kB th 112 2024-06-22 GW sw  
8 Waka_tail_slide.png Waka sliding her tail   125 kB th 55 2024-06-22 GW V
9 kogasa_steppe.png Kogasa stepping onto town below 69 kB th 46 2024-06-22 GW  
10 flan_futa.png Flan releasing it all onto city   418 kB th 53 2024-06-22 GW P
11 larva_sweaty_feet.png Larva bringing summer to the city 262 kB th 40 2024-06-22 GW  
12 tewi_train_delicacy.png Tewi slurping up a train   270 kB th 30 2024-06-22 GW sw V
13 raiko_many_feet.png Raiko doodles done around   235 kB th 31 2024-06-22 GW sm V
14 Reisen_noms.png Reisen feasting up on tinies   104 kB th 29 2024-06-22 GW sm V
15 kogasa_loom.png Kogasa looming her sole over city 69 kB th 35 2024-06-22 GW  
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1 Markun's mess thread 20   2024-01-19    
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