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Aboot me
Hi, I am me. Some Central European messy artist, who's been drawing since 2017, and who's since 2021 happened to improve on more.
I draw in GIMP 2.8.10, with use of Wacom One S tablet from 2016.
This stash here is where I'll be firstly posting all of works, including smaller messier ones. Pretty much only drawing Touhou giantess content. At most rarely some Cookie☆ one too. Seems very rarely.

日本語は話せません (ごめん)

Artwork sharing (and more)
Pixiv: htts://
Twitter: why would I

Deskord: marky4733
QQ: 2672357178

Commisions & Donations
Paid requests available on my Pixiv account: htts:// Payment in JPY.
Other requests, art trades.. well, yeah, suppose available too, on anywhere you may contact me: matrix, daskord, QQ, pixiv messages, my thread here, etc.
Ko-fi commisions and donations.. technically in EUR available, in USD less, but practically.. not
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No. FileName Title Size Folder DL Modified Date Genre Restriction
1 alice_feetsies.png Alice with her beloved Marisa 658 kB th 99 2023-09-18 GW sw  
2 chimata_glugglug.png Chimata drinking beer with tiny Megumu   196 kB th 61 2023-11-28 GW sw V
3 chimata_boot_visit.png Chimata peeking for a visit in a city 790 kB th 229 2023-10-11 GW  
4 chimata_boot_visit_alt.png Chimata peeking for a visit in a city (no vehicles ver) 528 kB th 117 2023-10-11 GW  
5 chimata_inboot_cties.png Chimata putting boot on, with city inside 398 kB th 179 2023-11-24 GW  
6 chimata_inboot_tinies.png Chimata putting boot on, with tinies inside 370 kB th 113 2023-11-24 GW sm  
7 chimata_snooze.png Chimata taking a nap, with Megumu close 687 kB th 109 2023-12-08 GW sw  
8 chima_rest.png Chimata taking a nap, with Megumu close, as in midst of a city 1901 kB th 119 2023-12-08 GW  
9 eiki_jail.png Eiki with tiny Satori inside her tummy   1287 kB th 107 2024-05-20 GW sw V
10 futo_crush_temple.png Futo crushing temple under her butt   1022 kB th 152 2023-12-09 GW L
11 futo_bus_bus.png Futo found a bus 170 kB th 357 2023-02-12 GW  
12 futo_ichirin_step_up.png Futo stepping up ichirin 86 kB th 34 2024-04-02 GW sw  
13 futo_titties.png Futo titties 100 kB th 148 2023-07-05 GW  
14 futo_boobie_play.png Futo toying around 438 kB th 236 2023-07-03 GW  
15 futo_stompy_play.png Futo's stompy playground 2204 kB th 762 2023-01-16 GW  
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1 Markun's mess thread 20   2024-01-19    
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