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1: Welcome / はじめまして (122)  
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1 : 122   Welcome / はじめまして

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1 : ydnkm : ID:qDMfQZBY
Hi, I'll be doing the translations of works starting with Kyoko-chan's Short Story.
I asked Ochiko-san's permission before posting.
I am open to constructive comments to improve the translation of future works.


118 : IzzI v7 : ID:o6u.tqk6
Ydnkm Hello I wanted to know if you are counted translate Dounjin?
And thank you for your work, go on like this :)

119 : IzzI v7 : ID:o6u.tqk6
Is it possible to translate these 2 doujinshi ?

120 : ydnkm : ID:og1Wt69k
> IzzI v7
Hi IzzI,
I am already translating the cruel doujin from Ochikonium, so please be patient.
Although, I haven't received permission for the moralgear+toka doujin.

121 : grey : ID:n.gbl63Q
Hi ydnkm!

Saw you're translating Ultra Boys I & II! Can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Any idea when it'll be up on MelonbooksDL? VERY much looking forward to those translations.

Would you check with Torajima, also, about translating
some of the more recent ones? E.g. "Bigger is Better", "The Giant Adventurer", "Onegai! Shota Combi"

I emailed Torajima about these but never received a response from him.

Also, there is a sequel to that last one coming out soon that I hope is eventually translated.

Thanks so much for all of your efforts, ydnkm!

122 : Fullstack : ID:SOVdYH0A
A lot of folks are wondering what Ochiko's latest 4 page comic is about.

I'm worried someone is going to go with an unofficial translation soon. Will you be translating it so I can just let them know?

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